What we want in this article is to show how quick vision and adaptation to the global economy context can help a state evolve fast and sustainably. We insist on the word ‘sustainable’, especially as we refer to a state in a region that has never been a reference in terms of sustainable development or in terms of long-term strategies for sustainable development.

They have managed to become one of the world’s financial hubs, have managed to become one of the major business and commerce centres, have built a modern and computerised administration and created a new Ministry for the most advanced technology. (State Ministry for Artificial Intelligence).

Time will tell if Dubai will succeed in becoming a world centre of artificial intelligence, robotics and will be able to produce and export large-scale results. Undoubtedly, at this time, Dubai is starting to position itself increasingly on the map of the innovators. Probably it will not be long and the real results of this will also be seen.

Let’s wish them success …

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