I recently read an article written by a reputed HR professional which refers to High Potential employees. I am not a HR specialist, but by the nature of the duties I have accomplished in recent years, the concern to have a performance team was a constant and perhaps it was the biggest challenge.

I would just like to extend the discussion to other categories of employees. Throughout my career so far, I’ve built teams … smaller, larger, multi-cultural, working in the same place or distributed across multiple countries. I can not say that I have always been successful, nor can it be so.

I had contact and worked with people who look at the employees of a company as shown in the picture below …

No healthy organisation (and by “healthy organisation” I mean an organisation that wants to grow) cannot look at employees as in the example in the picture above. And then, normally, we feel the need to differentiate and classify our employees into different categories.

In my career I met the following categories of employees:

  • Conscientious employees
  • Star employees
  • HiPro Employees
  • HiPo Employees

Now, a rhetorical question … How many managers have the courage to hire HiPo people?

Read the full article here: http://cs.pmc-expert.com/wp/articles/hipo-hipro-others

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