eStartup EPISODE 6: Think Big

Maybe you will think that this episode will be about thinking big business wise, but is not! Thinking big business wise is a topic for the business plan, Episode 0 is about that. What I would like to achieve within this episode is first, to put some things in order and second, to share with you my opinion about how your eBusiness environment can support you if you want to go outside of your country borders and play regional or, why not, global.

So, let’s start by putting things in order. Within the previous episodes I was talking a lot about hosting, cloud, wordpress and plugins, google, social networks and others. Maybe you want to know if my initial promise (less than 200 Euro/year) is still valid … YES, it is! Except the part with the ads campaigns which I mentioned in episode 5 (and this is not actually about IT!) and except the CDN I mentioned in episode 3 (but you can live without it for quite a while!), everything else still stays within the target budget. Sounds pretty good, I think! At this point I have to be again very honest with you, it will not stay like this forever but for small and medium businesses (SMEs as we say in Europe) will do the job. However, I really wish you not to stay like this forever, I hope that your business will grow enough so you could add more (paid, but remember episode 0, OPEX not CAPEX) features to your environment.

At this point I think that you may got lost in space with all technical terms and technologies. Somehow that’s the truth! Everything is floating in the cloud, your hosting environment, your digital store, your social media content, your chatbot … anyway, let’s recap:

1. hosting: that’s your choice
2. the core eBusiness: WordPress
3. extra functionalities: WordPress plugins
4. eCommerce: Woocommerce and/or WPDM for WordPress
5. User management: SSO from WordPress  + [WP OAuth] + Social login
6. improve SEO: Yoast SEO for WordPress
7. Digital Marketing: Google Ads  + Dialogflow
8. Chatbot business integration (fulfillments): Google Endpoints

That’s about all what you need! Also maybe to review once more episode 2, episode 3 and episode 4.

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Now, what if you want to start playing regional or global? Well, the good news is that your eBusiness environment is already prepared. That’s the beauty of floating in the cloud! Yeah, you may feel a bit unsecure because you cannot see your servers in your closet but using these global services providers will make your eBusiness environment accessible from everywhere at the same level of performance, this is the so-called global deployment. You can (and must) focus on business only, so go back to the “drawing board” and see if your business plan allows you to play big. No worries about the IT environment, you are already set from this point of view! That’s the meaning of the “think big” expression I used in the title of this (short) article. That’s why I was saying that this article is not about thinking big business wise because you probably already did that. Finally, that’s why I would say again, from the technology point of view it is no need to think big because you already acted big and your business is already globally deployed. Nothing else to do than use the technology accordingly!

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